Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Played the Spitz last night. It was great. We rocked. The only real downside was the rider, which consisted of some potato wedges covered in something white and runny. Must remember to tell them I only eat spit-roasted game.

Came home to proceed with recordings for the EP. To add to my Sysiphian struggles, everything I recorded on Cubase is now covered in digital clicks. Someone up there is intent on stamping my balls into soup.

Friday, June 25, 2004

Returned from a press trip to Europe, which was exhausting but not at all stressful, due to the determinate nature of each day's itinerary. By contrast, most days spent at home involve tackling a random list of.... hey, fuck that, check out these pictures of Joan Ferguson from Prisoner: Cell Block H



And here's Bea Smith with her face smashed in:

Those were the days.

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Our new rehearsal space fell through with crashing inevitably. A room behind a kebab shop, below an artists's studio, the artist subletting to us, and probably covering her rent in the process. Two minutes into the first song and the shop owner hammers on our door. He knows nothing about any bands rehearsing behind his shop, and cannot tolerate it. Which is fair enough; if I worked a fourteen hour day in a boiling hot kitchen I wouldn't want to hear us rehearsing either. And if he thought we were loud, he wouldn't have enjoyed the racket made by the Azalea City Penis Club, who were due in the next evening. It seems the artist never really discussed it with him. "She's damp in the 'ead, innit", he explained repeatedly. I fear she might be. I spoke to her on the phone. To my utter incredulity, she insisted you can't hear the noise inside the shop. In which case the shop owner must have detected our rehearsal through some kind of telepathic means. He also told us how little he was paying to rent the shop with three bedrooms above it, from the same landlord. Oh the humiliation.

I now have to get everyone's money back. A complete and utter waste of fucking time and energy.