Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Ladies and gentlemen, after a long period of mysterious absence, Ultraskull is back on the web, with a *new third installment*. The previous issues have been improved so the pages load faster and are a bit less crap. You can't polish a turd but you can stick a flag in it, and the Ultraskull avatar stands strong and proud against the forces of tyranny, fanaticism and etc
More importantly, the new issue, while on the slim side, and an inexcusable three or so years in the making, contains a new Spade Warrior strip, plus new characters Keith Harris and Orwell, Terry & Dune and more, presented by new Editor Mr. Skeleton, and Guest Contributor Master Rod. And naturally, now it's back up and running, Mr. Skeleton welcomes contributions for a fourth and hopefully much bigger edition. Please bear in mind that Ultraskull is PROBABLY NOT WORK SAFE.

Coming soon: an Ultraskull Facebook page...because everyone else does that.

In addition, the Silent Age Records site is back up. Though the label is on hiatus until I repress the Gravenhurst debut 'Internal Travels', for those already acquainted it may be worth checking out to find out what everyone who passed through the SA stables has gone on to do.