Monday, June 27, 2005

mad dogs and englishmen

RIP Richard Whitely - The People's Champion,14173,1516026,00.html

Paradox of the Card- Carrying Libertarians,7369,748632,00.html

mood: sanguine
Broadcast 'Tender Buttons'
Jamie Liddell 'Multiply'
Neil Diamond 'Greatest Hits'
The Sound 'From the Lion's Mouth'

Back on line again. The break has made me realise that there is a world outside of the internet, but it isn't particularly interesting.

Too much has happened recently to write about it all. Here are some key events:

Batman Begins is very good. Sin City isn't, suffering from a paucity of sympathetic characters, and Frank Miller's inability to write dialogue free of howling cliche. We turned it off after twenty minutes.