Sunday, June 03, 2012

Recent Me Thing One, Two, Three


Recent Me Thing One - Guardian Music Weekly Podcast

Interviewed by the charming Michael Hann with a remit to discuss five of my favourite English songwriters, I chose Sonic Boom, Richard Thompson, Sandy Denny, Duncan Fleming (War Against Sleep), and Trish Keenan & James Cargill (Broadcast).

This exercise in self-indulgence was so much fun it felt wrong, with Michael expertly navigating my myriad digressions, making me appear more coherent than I am. So if twenty minutes of my glottal bleatings sounds like your idea of fun, knock yourself out here.

Recent Me Thing Two - “Whale Bone Clues: The Quietus Interviews Gravenhurst”

Also online now is a print interview with Pavel Godfrey for The Quietus. Conducted over Skype and clocking in at over 100 minutes, Pavel chose to simply transcribe the whole conversation, a format I often prefer. Whilst many great interviews are presented in the context of a background story with the conversation revealed through a narrative arc, doing so introduces the hazards of misquotation through recontextualisation. A stilted interview with a shy artist can make recontextualisation necessary in order to create a good feature, but our conversation took on its own narrative arc and dynamic, because Pavel’s questions were very interesting, and I can talk the hind legs off a fucking donkey. It’s the longest and most in-depth interview I’ve done, and we came away feeling there was much more we could have covered. It only ended because my mum told me to stop showing off and come in for my tea.

WITNESS - $20,000 in 20 days celebrating 20 years

I’m delighted to say that the new WITNESS campaign video features ‘Black Holes In The Sand’ as its soundtrack. Check it out here and then go here to check out their incredible campaigns and films. | For 20 years, WITNESS has been empowering activists to expose human rights abuse through video. Together, we have seen men, women and children speak out about the injustices they have experienced, filmed their stories to share with the world, and changed lives.

WITNESS' new video reflects on 20 years of exposing the truth, one video at a time.
Help raise $20,000 by June 20th to keep cameras focused on creating human rights change.