Friday, April 27, 2012

Stickman & Greg

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In lieu of a purposeful and thoughtfully crafted blog entry, here's the latest Gravenhurst newsletter.  I haven't had time to write much else lately due to gigs and promo commitments, but this just about passes for creativity. When I started this blog I was commited to keeping it completely separate from my day job, by not writing about music or anything Gravenhurst related. I honestly cannot remember the motivation for my staunch commitment to this policy, so I see no reason to maintain it. I write news letters more regularly than I blog, and there is good reason for me to increase my web presence so here we are.

Hey all you hipsters, hip-hoppers, mods, rockers, beatniks and biker chicks!*
*No Goths
Live action
Sustained campaign across Belgium, France and Germany: the following cities will see a visit from the New Gravenhurst Ensemble, an electro-acoustic trio consisting of me on guitar and vocals, Rachel Lancaster on bass, keyboard and vocals, and Claire Adams on percussion and vocals. Rachel plays in the bands Silver Fox, Chippewa Falls and Me And The Twins, and also performs as a solo artist. By day she is a visual artist. Claire plays in the band Beards and D'Astro. By day she runs a private security firm, offering a range of door services to pubs and clubs, from 'firm but friendly' to 'aggressive and intimidating', and has practically the whole of the North East sewn up.
Sat 12 May, LAVAL, FR – Le festival Les 3 éléphants
Tickets here
Sun 20 May, GENT, BE – Duyster 500 night @ DOKarena
Gravenhurst + Amatorski + Lanterns On The Lake
Tickets here
Mon 21 May, BRUSSELS, BE – Nuits Botanique (Rotonde)
Tickets here
Thu 24 May, LYON, FR – Epicerie Moderne
Tickets here
Sat 26 May, MARSEILLE, FR – Le Poste a Galene
Tickets here
Tue 29 May, BORDEAUX, FR – I Boat
Tickets here
Wed 30 May, TOURCOING, FR – Le Grand Mix
Gravenhurst + Sleepy Sun (US) + Siskiyou (Canada)
Tickets here
Sat 23 June, FRANKFURT, DE – LÜFTEN Mouson Arts & Music Festival
Tickets here
Sun 24 June, KÖLN, DE – Gebäude 9
Tickets here
Mon 25 June, BERLIN, DE – Comet Club
Tickets here
Sat 25 August, HANNOVER, DE – BootBooHook Festival
Tickets here
Lauren Laverne Session
The New Gravenhurst Ensemble played live on the Lauren Laverne show on BBC 6 Music this Wednesday 25th April from 11.30am. Tune in, lie back, relax, crash the car. Two tracks went out live and third was pre-recorded for broadcast later.
Ultraskull: 100% in Print! Free and available from all good indie record shops
While Ultraskull has now been planted firmly back online at following our successful appeal to the European Court Of Human Rights in Strasbourg, yet another writ has been issued, this time from an individual who claims that the character Stickman from comic duo Stickman & Greg is based on him, and is suing us for unpaid royalties and, puzzlingly, defamation of character. While this nonsense plays itself out, we have printed up a Best Of Ultraskull, consisting of an A5 format zine which folds out into an A2 poster of The Ghost In Daylight album artwork. The zine is free and available now from all good indie record shops. The first 10 people to tweet the link to Ultraskull online will receive a copy in the mail, signed by all the featured characters. Grab your ankles, it's kingdom time!
Love to love you baby,