Thursday, March 31, 2005

Expanding Aggregate Sales Towards Selected Target Markets

We have a responsibiliy to improve the lot of small businesses, in order to create a thriving economy and stimulate competitive growth in hitherto neglected market sectors. Call me a stickler for progressive fiscal management, I don't care.

Bronnt Industries Kapital fully endorses this product or service

Music: Throbbing Gristle

Friday, March 18, 2005

The New Wave of Shut the Fuck Up

Are you in a New Wave Band? Angular riffs? Skinny ties? Attitude? A nod to the past with a wry eye on the future? Into Gang of Four?

You need a New Wave Band Name.

For only £65 we can provide you wth a cutting edge band name that hits home and gets you noticed FAST.

Here is a list of exactly the kind of names that A+R men are looking for.

These names have been registered with the Band Name Directory, but can be purchased from us for only £65! And what's more, major label A+R have ALREADY BEEN NOTIFIED of these band names and ARE JUST DYING TO HEAR YOUR BAND. THESE ARE 100% CERTIFIED BUZZ BAND NAMES.

Just choose from the list below and email us now! Don't delay! Your chance to be a BUZZ BAND is only moments away!

Heat Wave Monroe
The Flick Knives
Turkey Shoot
The Thirst
The Buzz
The Now
The Trophy Wives
The Sunset Strips
The Nylon Gems
The Satin Razors
The Tellers
The Cliffnotes
The Pocket Knives
The Bone Sharks
The New Waveforms
The Glaives
The Agents
5 Card Studs
The Pocket Rockets
The Speed Kings

Moods for Moderns

Music: Talk Talk - Spirit of Eden
Mood: Modern

I've been finding pool to be an uncommonly good way to relax and enjoy the convivial company of friends. It also stops me thinking about flaying people alive.

The pub next door to me is relaxed and friendly, but the pool table is shit and the drinks expensive. The jukebox is alright. The other day I watched a man fall off his stool and piss himself. This man was the publican. He disappeared into the toilet for a long time, and then we had to leave as the stench of shit was overwhelming.

The Elbow Rooms on Park Street has good tables but they are too close to the walls. It is also expensive, pretentious and thus turns my thoughts back to flaying people alive.

Riley's Snooker Club on the Triangle has professional tables. I am unsure of the prices, but I am aware that they play pop music at quite loud volumes. I was listening to pop when I flayed that social worker, so I am of the understanding that it is best for me to avoid pop.

From forum thread - "Recording Live - Which Approach is Best?"

It is my view that the live approach is over-used, and received without argument.

Surely the most authentic way to record your songs is to DI everything into a PC, then put the parts into a wave to MIDI convertor program. You will then have MIDI files of the separate tracks. Next, buy a really big multitimbral MIDI Workstation keyboard, like a Korg Triton or something. It doesn't matter what the make is, just make sure it's really big. Program your MIDI files into, and arrange the parts using General MIDI sounds. GM sounds have been selected and calibrated to enable the listener to hear every nuance of the arrangement. Next, mix it down with plenty of digital chorus and flange. Maybe go for some sort of Aural Exciter and Vocoder on the vocal. If the drums still sound too 'roomy' and 'live', try compressing them more, then gate them or edit out all the decay.

When your track is finished, send it to Future Music for a review. Put some fractals on the cover or something.

Monday, March 14, 2005

stop touching my face

Music: 'Stop Touching My Cat - A Collection of Remixes and Cover Versions of Songs by SJ Esau' - S J Esau, Mole Harness, Why?, Twocsinak, Freeze Puppy, Bedridden Kids, Id lab, Bronnt Industries Kapital, Audio Whore, My Ambulance Is On Fire, Countryside Alliance, Rarg, The Gonorrorhoeas, Wafffffffles + SJ Esau + Arwin + Sung + Delphine + Pato + Assis + James + Pippin, Dady Cool Cool Chappel Face.

Mood: none

Recently the following things happened.

* Bronnt Industries Kapital played in Amsterdam with Knowledge of Bugs and Tunng and Mica P. Hinson.

* Gravenhurst played in Bristol with Male and in London at the Camden Crawl.

* I updated the Bronnt and Gravenhurst sites, a bit.

* I bought a pedalboard.

* Part of my hand turned into glass