Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Name and Number

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Thought for the Day:

Vote Liberal Democrat.

-End of partisan broadcast.



I want a better voting system. There would be more point in voting if I could vote for candidates in my order of choice and if my vote helped to create a more representative parliament.

I want a referendum, so that the people can decide how MPs are elected.

MPs talk non-stop about modernising and improving … the health
service, education, the immigration system … strange then that most
of them never mention the voting system.

This is because Britain’s outdated voting system can be relied on to
keep most MPs safe in their cosy Westminster club until they decide to

Did you know that at the last general election:

• only 3% of seats (21 out of 659) changed hands from one party to

• no MP won the support of the majority of their constituents.

• only one in four of electors voted Labour, yet they won another
massive majority.

It's little wonder that millions of people believe that voting doesn't
make a difference.
Politicians shed crocodile tears over voter apathy, and conduct
expensive pilot schemes to make voting easier – while avoiding voting
reform. Massive public interest is needed to persuade the majority of
MPs to reform the system they benefit from.
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Flora Douville said...

Dear Mister Nick Talbot,
I'm not leaving a comment about this post in particular, I just liked the small part I've seen of your blog, and I thought you would be highly interested in knowing it.
In case you can read french, I recommend that you look at my website, which actually is a blog as well.
The only thing I know from Gravenhurst is flashlight seasons, but I already like the rest.

horace goes skiing said...

based on stats fromt the last election; it takes 4 times more votes to elect a lib dem representative than a labour one and twice as many to elect a conservative mp.


doing the maths...
lab 25968 votes per mp
con 50347 votes per mp
ld 92554 votes per mp

this also provides a good illustration of inequities in our system...

Tom p

(sorry about the shameless self promotion)

Kate said...

I'm think I'm going crazy. Sorry this isn't related to your post, but am I right in thinking you're from the band Gravenhurst? If so, I've been listening to Bluebeard on repeat for the past week, so I thought I'd look for more stuff of yours online. I'm sort of stunned. Please reply via email.

Anonymous said...

if i could've voted, i would've, but i live in america. and even here i say if i could've voted, i would've, but i wasn't 18 yet. damn.

mortgage broker said...

thought-provoking, mootable pv. just my thoughts, well anyways gl & be chipper is what i say