Monday, June 27, 2005

mad dogs and englishmen

RIP Richard Whitely - The People's Champion,14173,1516026,00.html

Paradox of the Card- Carrying Libertarians,7369,748632,00.html

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Broadcast 'Tender Buttons'
Jamie Liddell 'Multiply'
Neil Diamond 'Greatest Hits'
The Sound 'From the Lion's Mouth'

Back on line again. The break has made me realise that there is a world outside of the internet, but it isn't particularly interesting.

Too much has happened recently to write about it all. Here are some key events:

Batman Begins is very good. Sin City isn't, suffering from a paucity of sympathetic characters, and Frank Miller's inability to write dialogue free of howling cliche. We turned it off after twenty minutes.


tom said...

I felt the visuals sustained Sin City on the big screen, I can see it being fairly tedious on a small one, the film is at it's best when it's at its most laugh out loud ludicrous but yeah, generally a bit crap.

That Jamie Lidell record's great isn't it? I nearly didn't buy it when I saw a multi page feature in the Guardian guide (a warning sign for music snobs like me (and you?)) the writing made it sound like Dido or something.

ecce nicholas said...

is it as good as the best of Neil Diamond?

If so i'll have to investigate.

Nick Talbot said...

No, it's not as good as Neil Diamond. But it is good. But give him time.