Monday, September 26, 2005

the average man

Spitz show the other night went well, apart from the girl at the side of the stage who kept screaming at me throughout the set.

"I heard your music on the internet. it was much quieter; it was lovely; why can't you play that?". I politely explained that whilst i would dearly love to discuss the matter further, I had a prior appointment with the paying audience who were standing directly in front of me. This bizarre, maternal heckling continued for the whole 45 minutes, interspersed with her squealing to her fuck-witted friends about the merits of her factory-distressed denims. Interesting that this reaction coincided with a documentary about Bob Dylan and the conservative, thought-crime folk crowd who screamed 'Judas!!!!!' when he plugged in. So little has changed.

I'm off to Europe on a press trip, then to a festival in Japan.

I might start using a Gmail account because the other one is riddled with spam. Using mass mailing as a market forces supply /demand indicator, I conclude that the average man is addicted to Vicodin, has a tiny penis, is worried about his portfolio, would love to own a Rolex watch and secretly wants Japanese girls to shit on his chest.

What would the benign, intellectually and emotionally advanced alien species think.

-Disgusted, Tunbridge Wells.


tom said...

My gmail account was blissfully spam free untill about a month ago when I started getting Chinese spam, all of it is just one line of chinese characters.

ecce nicholas said...

hey - sorry i missed the show

was triple booked.

Adrian said...

Was a weird crowd, couldn't work out what the fuck half of them were doing there. People right behind talked all the way through your set, then talked throuh Parish's set. Why did they come to the gig? Fucking idiots. (During Parish, I was very close to turning round & screaming 'some of us are trying to work here, should I come & stand behind your desk on Monday & talk about my shoes until it makes you want to bleed to death out of your anus?')

And then there was the bloke loudly exclaiming 'it's good, but there's not much of a market for this kind of thing'. Fucking idiot.

But despite the twats, fucking great gig.

Anonymous said...

Yip it was a good gig, although I do think youse might have been a tad too loud. It was a bit of a weird crowd but everything seemed to go well, and people enjoyed themselves, I know I did, oh this is a Stig (the dj one), we played before you.

Hopefully see youse again sometime

Anonymous said...

I experienced similar problems with people talking throughout your set - fuckwits indeed. I did turn around at one point and ask the people behind me to kindly shut-up. The music you're doing requires a certain atmosphere and it certainly wasn't conducive to the shoreditch scenesters... i saw the Dylan doc too - fucking inspiring - what a shame there is noone doing that now ... did someone really shout "Judas?" Not sure if you're up their with Bob yet but you've got to aim high havent you?

Anonymous said...

Hi Nick, it's Violaine from Trax magazine, tell me when you'll play in France...I'll be there ans I won't talk during your show.

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