Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Rap Star

mood: X-Ray of a toddler's skull; ear-ache can now be attributed to a spider which has nested in the ear canal. Do we tell the child? Or do we discreetly operate to get rid of the 'infection'? Do we tell the child afterwards?

What would Judge Rheinhold do in this situation?

Richard Thompson - Small Town Romance
Sandy Denny - Box of Treasures
The National - Alligator
Hans Gruber - New mp3 of "Rap Star" on the Hans Gruber Myspace site. Please listen in full to for maximum enjoyment. The coda is particularly elegant.

Re: National Express/Sewage incident - full story will have to wait until our return from Europe.


ghostbusta said...

Is this blog still in use? I mean, why are there no new postings or comments? Is it cold in here or is it just me?

Nick Talbot said...

Of course it's still in use. We've been on tour. I've been busy. I've been reading Bravo Two Zero.

Get back in your hole. Listen to Rap Star. Do it.

Nick Talbot said...

Listen... can you smell something?

ghostbusta said...

Yep, I smell burning...

Nick Talbot said...

it takes just 5 seconds
just 5 seconds
to realise
that the time is RIGHT
to start thinking about
a little

ghostbusta said...

well I’m sick
I’m so sick
of a lot of people
tryin’ to tell me
what I can and can’t do
with my life