Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Groovy fascists

A rather odd piece by Stephen Moss, the gist of which is: Hitler banned music by Jews, but listened to it himself, therefore he wasn't actually a Nazi; he was a 'man apart' from the cult of Nazism he had helped create. It's not clear whether Moss is sarcastically attacking a position that in fact nobody holds, or expounding it. Either way he sounds rather like a stupid person saying something stupid.

Surely the only sensible conclusion we can draw from the revelation is that as well as being a Nazi, Hitler was also a hypocrite. Hitler was like Viz Comic's Victorian Dad, 'studying' pictures of naked Amazonian tribes late at night in order to ascertain whether they are suitable for those of a lesser mind to see. A hypocritical fascist! Who'd have thought it! Well, those fascist types have really gone down in my estimation now.


dune said...

Nazism has been a way for Hitler not to see that he was hypocrite, that he had to be an hypocrite; Nazism is a terrific mask, a mask of hate . Hypocrisy is on a par with Nazism . The same mask can be used by all hypocrites.

Alex said...

Dune: I can't fucking understand you.

dune said...

Alex : Sorry, I understand that you don’t understand, because the idea is difficult to explain and my English language to “anaemic” to write three pages and really argue. I have to much sum up the idea. I try to rephrase…and be less abstruse , the topic is interesting. I have spent lot of time listening to the criminal trial of the leaders of Nazism, in Nuremberg and listening how they justified themselves and try to understand their psychologie , their falsehood, and the really strange relation they have with the truth of what happened , how they twist the facts.