Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Circadian Video * Opening The Archives Of Demonology: Gravenhurst's Patented 'Subaquatron: Sonik Mysterie Kult' Bucket Brigade Analog Delay Pedal

Heigh ho – who is there? No-one but me my dears.
'Circadian' Video
Tremendously exciting news this week – my pal Sam Wisternoff (aka Anticon-signed Bristol drone troubadour SJ Esau) has given album opener 'Circadian' the video treatment it deserves. Featuring Vinka symbols invading internal organs, slow-mo lip-synching and self-generating crayon diagrams, with a cinematographic palette moving between the manufactured nostalgia of saturated Super 8 and scratchy 'found footage' VHS, a disorientating array of recurring images play out against a continually shifting background of psychedelic textures and stop-motion animations, mirroring the song's cyclical rhythms and ambiguous lyrics. This being the first time I've been personally involved in a music video from the outset, Sam and I spent a sunny afternoon in the St Werburgh's area of Bristol filming me suffocating myself with a bin liner, before police broke up the fun following a phone call from a concerned resident. Most of those scenes would have been too unpleasant to use were we not able to offset the atmosphere of misery with footage of a man dropping his car keys into a hat.
Watch the video for 'Circadian' here
Friends in Germany, you can watch the video here
Sonic Cathedral 'Celebrity Pedalboard'
Nat Cramp at Sonic Cathedral invited me to contribute to their 'Celebrity Pedalboard' page, divulging the secrets of my patented 'Subaquatron' Bucket Brigade Delay Pedal. Join the Sonik Mysterie Kult here
Merrie Beltane,
Nicodemus & Pliers

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