Friday, October 15, 2004

dead man's shoes

Went with Tone to see Dead Man's Shoes, the first feature-length picture from Warp Films. A slasher-revenge flick with social realism, humour and poignancy. No-one at Warp told me it was tailored completely to my tastes. And there is a Gravenhurst track on the soundtrack CD. It’s amazing to be even vaguely associated with a film that explosive and memorable. Transplanting the exploitation-revenge genre to the Midlands is subtly transgressive. It’s like a British High Plains Drifter.

Mark Kermode writes about it here:,6903,1283147,00.html

Idea for a comic-strip, devised on tour whilst trying to think up the ten most smug, self-congratulatory bands ever...

"Leatherface Versus..."

(Pilot Issue )

J Kay is waxing his new porsche and generally chillin', hanging out in his Surrey mansion with buddy Jamie Oliver.
"Oi mate, stick on that new Skint Records compilation"
"Yeah, pucker"
"What the fuck is that sound?"
Leatherface runs out of the bushes and mows them down effortlessly with his chainsaw.

Next week: Leatherface versus Counting Crows


Anonymous said...

Heh. Almost as ingenious a conceit as 'Guncop: He Just Doesn't Understand'.

Mr Mingpirate

Nelson Shuss said...

Jay Kay fucking rules, bitch! And he doesn't wax his own Porsche, you stupid cocking fuck-shoe!

He has women and special workers to do it for him.