Friday, October 15, 2004

Somewhat depressing review of our Notts band show here:
"Many of the people I speak to afterwards who weren’t as keen said it was because they just didn’t like him."

We just couldn't hear anything and the people down the front were very sympathetic when I joked that they should all turn round and tell the people behind them to shut the fuck up. It doesn't matter when the monitoring is good but the PA was terrible (as the engineer fully admitted) and we couldn't hear ourselves sing; pretty hard to pitch the notes in that situation. Sonic Boom didn't mind though. He was well into it. Afterwards some bloke came up to me and said it was totally, totally amazing, and we chatted about bands for an hour. Turns out he saw Slint play at the show which does the bootleg rounds and can be found on peer-to-peer searches.
Then some other guy came up to me and the conversation went like this:

"Did you tell people to shut up earlier when you were playing?"
"Yes I did."
"That's really pretentious. If people like you they will be quiet, otherwise they won't."
"Maybe other people in the audience do like them though, and people should respect that they are paying money to be there. Oh, look, just go fuck yourself."

Sorry, I just couldn't help myself. He had that annoying way of talking where every sentence sounds like it is a question. When four of you drive across two-thirds of the country in a car laden with equipment, eat yet another £5 motorway service station sandwhich for dinner, sleep on someone's floor and get paid £50 to play to a room full of people who talk through not just the support but the main act as well, losing you a total of £2000 for a week of promotional shows, you kind of lose patience.


horace goes skiing said...

i bet that guy wouldn't think it was ok to talk all the way through a film no matter how crap it was; if you don't like it leave and go somewhere else to have a conversation. I thought i was going to hit someone who wouldn't shut up at a recent Lali Puna gig, they talked all the way through the set of the main band, I've taken to standing further back at gigs recently for fear of damaging my hearing so i've been more exposed to this kind of thing recently and it really colours the way you feelabout the band your seeing.
On the other hand i'm not sure telling people to be quiet is ever going to be that productive when you're dealing with people so clearly lacking basic manners. Probably makes you feel better though.

Adrian said...

Did he not consider that maybe more people would have realised that they liked what they could have been hearing if they had been able to hear over other people talking? Or something.

Maybe you should just start physcically assaulting people in the audience?

mark e said...

similar thing @ Joy Zipper in bristol earlier this year.

having waited ages to see them live i was somewhat anoyed at some typical lager louts talking about getting drunk the night before (or something else as equally interesting), anyway - i kept glaring .. but they were oblivious in their drunken joy. i couldn't move (twas a packed gig).

after a while a bloke stood next to me asked if i was enjoying the gig, 'i would if those two arseholes would shut the fuck up', which is seriously out of character for me, bloke turned out to be connected to the mouthy gits and within 5 mins they had disappeared from my earshot. result.

naturally, i spent the rest of the gig fearing my life - expecting to be ruffed up down some dark alley upon my departure from the venue - such is the life of a 2 bit coward ..

onwards !
mark e

ecce nicholas said...

Gravenhurst factoid.

If you search for "black holes in the sand" on google, the one non-Gravenhurst result you come up with is the Israel Forum, Land for Peace:

"It has been suggested that we take that sacred Kaaba stone from their temple in Mecca and place it on the moon and reduce Mecca and Medina to molten burning black holes in the sand. Remember according to Islamic belief this little piece of **** rock was delivered here to earth by God. It streamed across the sky with a fiery tail, was located by some [deleted] , and henceforth has been idolized by the ignorant. The moon is a sacred place, where no one, but God and blessed souls of Islam will ever visit. Our astronauts walking around up there, and bringing back hundreds of rocks and moon dust really burst that bubble for them. So in order to get to heaven and all those virgins and young boys, they will now have to go to the f------ moon. Which I might add would be a good place for “Islamism”."

Nick Talbot said...

That is kind of disturbing and slightly synchronistic.

horace goes skiing said...

yeah, just slightly!
anyway looking forward to hearing the new stuff next week (last show i saw was the ICA one with bronzeage fox and sufjan stephens).


mark e said...

ah ha. the Fox. great live act methinks. enjoy.

Anonymous said...

A message from Sir Anton of MAIOF.

Fuck 'em dude. The longer I am in this business the more I feel I'm only doing it so I can shout at people.

I suggesting twitching the death nerve! Score!

Film will be underway in a few weeks.

Nelson Shuss said...

You should have knocked the guy's teeth down his fucking throat, then said, "Sorry?" like it was a question.

I saw Tanita Tikaram do this at a show in '89.