Friday, November 05, 2004


The theory that Bush's next four years will help the Democrats in the long run is an interesting line of thought and perhaps makes me feel a bit better. My worry is what exactly happens in the next four years. They have the house and the senate. They proudly trumpeted that now is both the time to (1) unite the country and (2) push on with a radical conservative agenda, two manifestly inconsistent lines of development, meaning that (1) is clearly a lie. The US is now two countries. Do you like guns, go to church, hate gays and hate abortion? - If yes, you are a Republican. If no, you probably live on the coast and are a Democrat.

The despicable thing is the way the right has conned the working classes into thinking the Republicans are the party for the poor whilst transparently providing tax cuts for the rich. They do this by manipulating their feeble minds on the basis of kneejerk morality and religious prejudice. They don't understand the economy, but they know they hate queers.

Three things could feasibly happen now:
1) Gay marriage will become illegal
2) Abortion will become illegal
3) the USA will invade another middle-eastern country, possibly Iran or Syria

Ho-hum. Another day nearer armageddon. And four years on..? Typically voter behaviours become more extreme when economies decline, so it's not clear whether the fuckwits who voted for Bush won't just blame the welfare state for all their woes and abolish it completely... what there is of it. Historically economic slumps have polarised parties to the left and right extremes - Fascism and Communism. But the USA has no history -possibly no clear concept of- socialism, so quite where the fuck it will go isn't clear. What I do know is that if I have to see Cheney's fucking fat, smug, shaved lab-rat face one more time i'm going to puke.


Anonymous said...

It's pretty awful, especially for those of use who have minds. The stupidity of the pro-Bush arguments are getting even more annoying, they can't seem to understand why no one who has actual thoughts can stomach their shit anymore. Wish us Americans who didn't vote for Bush luck. In his last term he made voicing dissent grounds for terrorist accusations, I'm almost positive it's bound to get worse. My only hope is immigration, but, as I'm not a Republican, don't have the money to survive on after moving. What a fucking surprise.

horace goes skiing said...

Your right, except for about the geographic distribution. The way the US electoral system works and the way the results are displayed tend to engourage us to block huge swathes of the country red or blue suggesting that those areas are 100% republican or 100% democrat. This map highlights the lie in this visualisation of the data; the country appears divided at much finer granularity than people assume ...

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