Friday, November 19, 2004

sirloin stockade

Shadow Home Secretary Oliver Letwin spoke out against Labour's Antisocial Behaviour Order, claiming "Beating the fucking crap out of each other is one of the few pleasures the working classes can afford. How can we be so elitist as to deny them that?".

Finished the further adventures of Mr Shellac comic strip; i'll photocopy and distribute soon.

Finished the tour. I am tired. The band shows in London ad Bristol were by far the best we have ever played. Bristol was recorded so there is scope for a live release there.

Throughout December and January we will be recording the 3rd/4th album, working title: "Either people from the lower socio-economic categories have very few pleasures in life or Julie Burchill is a truculent whore".

It's going to be fucking HUGE.

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pc said...

Dr Reid is right. Since the banning of cock fighting and inter family/underage sex, smokin, drinkin n' fightin is all us workin class people have got left.
Fuck what a dickhead he is.