Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Dreadful Crows

Mood: granular synthesis
Today my world was rocked by:

arc in round - Disco Inferno
the butterfly collector - ARKane
fortune teller - Sugar
percy's song - Fairport Convention
aguirre - Popol Vuh
pink turns to blue - Husker Du
just to play - Midnight Movies
where Iike to stand - Vashti Bunyan
jenny Was A friend of Mine - The Killers
popul vuh I - Flying Saucer Attack
beyond Belief - Elvis Costello
christine - The House of Love

Stupid idea: http://www.bbspot.com/News/2005/02/ban_urban_legends.html

Genius: http://www.enginecomics.co.uk/interviews/jan05/alanmoore.htm


Making some real headway with the comic book, which we have decided to name Ultraskull.
Mr William Schaff has decided to risk his artistic credibility by donating a piece for the front cover of our shitty little rag.

1 comment:

Owen said...

Thankyou kindly for a smashing show at the borderline not too long ago Mr Talbot. Without wishing to wimper soporifically i find your stuff very intuitive and uplifting in a brainwronged kind of fashion... mind you flowers in her hair gives salem shivers jumping fridge in requiem for a dream et al... short sharp shocks and polarised disconcertion always resonates the strongest i guess when you can see behind the arras of restraint...

i nearly bought some killers cause i thought twould make me bounce around like ivan dobskys spacehopper... instead plumped for m83 before the dawn perhaps not as breathtaking as dead seas but worth a squirt...

why is chris morris now writing shit it could bring a tear where is baynham... from sexual blackmail, death, torture, sadomasochism, incest, explosive violence, copious uses of the word wretched, lynchian madness...now to the bilge of trite delicacy...

sonic boom may have the stash but im sure j.space could throw him frey's a million little pieces... it works wonders