Tuesday, February 22, 2005

i smell burning

WTF?! http://www.petsnap.com/menu-nav/dstrollerSBC1.htm
Mood: I have lost my voice
Music: Talk Talk - Laughing Stock

Last night we played our first gig since November at the Croft, Bristol. It was dead, dead good.

I was asked to write a bit about recording in the studio for The Fly. Here is what I wrote.

The studio is Toybox in Bristol, http://www.toyboxstudios.co.uk. It's run by Ali Chant, Stef Hambrook and the producer and musician John Parish. Howe Gelb, Scout Nibblet and Kid Carpet are among the artists who have made records there. Toybox is situated in a Georgian townhouse in leafy Portland Square. The studio has an abandoned lift shaft which makes a great reverb chamber, and is haunted by the ghost of a horse, as it used to be the stables of the building above. The horse was hanged for a crime it didn't commit in 1888, and its restless spirit now wanders the square in limbo. I saw the horse in the control room after drinking a bottle of cough syrup.


Pat said...

Talk Talk - Laughing Stock

Oooo - now that is a nice album. Where's Mark Hollis when the world needs him?

If you've got chance Nick, any plans on visiting Manchester again?

Nick Talbot said...

At some point in the next few months we will indeed play in Manchester.

Angela said...

gnnn...I would've gone had I known :((