Wednesday, May 25, 2005

In Debt

Mood: ill. I have a throat infection.
Music: Disco Inferno 'In Debt'

Disco Inferno tribute site:

This week I've been listening to Disco Inferno's 'In Debt', the Che Recordings collection of their first two EPs and debut album. Every year I dust it down and spin it again; every year I'm reminded how excruciatingly derivative most contemporary bands really are. This was Essex way back in 1989, and whilst DI's roots were planted firmly in the icy Factory Records production aesthetic, the MIDI- triggered, hypnotic guitar textures pointed firmly to the future... a future that never really materialized, because few bands since have bothered to exploit the infinite musical possibilities technology has offered them.

Disco Inferno were exceptional; their music is startling, eerie and totally authentic, and are probably the greatest forgotten band of the '90's. Infected with nostalgia, the disease of Britpop swept the country, whilst a penniless DI, ensconced in a rat-infested railway tunnel, created something truly new, and no-one cared.. apart from some sections of the music press. Back then, higher sales allowed them to champion new and challenging music by bands with non-specific hairstyles. These two magazines introduced me to Third Eye Foundation, Movietone, Crescent and Flying Saucer Attack. Wooed by the enthusiasm of the reviews, I went out and bought records that changed the way I thought about music. I moved to Bristol, and Matt Elliot (TEF) himself introduced me to Disco Inferno.

“The best band on the planet.” Jamie T. Conway, Melody Maker.

"the seeds of failure are allready sown / in awe of evil you set about creating your own"
-Arc In Round


This may be my last post for a while as we are moving house and offices so internet access will be limited. Thanks for all your posts and comments; for gig news and stuff visit the Gravenhurst and Bronnt sites.

Be seeing you....


Anonymous said...

Hey Nick,

BIG fan of your scarily good music. Was wondering what alt tunings you use?? Can't wait for album 4, Any chance you'll be playing Ireland on the next tour?? Will be quite upset if you don't(emotional blackmail).
Reply if you can, but won't get my hopes up (know you're moving house) anyway be seeing you..

Mark McCann (Irish fan).

Nick Talbot said...

Hi Mark

Hopefully we will play Ireland, it depends on what sort of tour we do. We might be supporting another band so it depends where they are booked.

The tunings i've used so far have been
DGDGAD open G major
DADGAD the Bert Jansch/Davy Graham tuning
DADGBE simple E dropped D
DGDG Bflat D (an open g minor chord, used it on Flowers in Her Hair)


Raul said...

Please, update your bookmarks and links, Starbound 3.2: Disco Inferno website is at

Anonymous said...

Stumbled on this blog searching for info on Jamie T Conway but now I'm here I MUST say - thanks for Fires in Distant Buildings and especially Velvet Cell. I bloody love that track! First came across it via the video which was played as part of OneDotZero at the ICA.

Oh and I agree with all you said about the music press too. I also bought that Third Eye Foundation record based on the review I read.