Thursday, December 22, 2005

hey tastemakers

My favourite album of 2005

The Organ - Grab that Gun (LP)

it's not out in the UK until 2006
so it gets two cracks at the end of year polls

I wrote this about it but it didn't get published

"The Organ are from Canada and they are a revelation. Katie Sketch has a fantastic voice. This lady can sing. Powerful, sexual, enigmatic and fragile; she is spilling her guts and I feel like I’m being punched in the heart. This record is burning out my hard drive and deconstruction is an insult. But we have to mention The Smiths – because the songs are that good and because guitarist Deb Cohen has picked up a torch with one hand and thrown down a gauntlet with the other. Some dickhead said "the female Interpol". Thanks dude. Thanks for reminding us that it's a male-dominated industry, but this isn't a posturing attempt to re-capture some coveted, early 80’s post-punk wilderness when melancholy was somehow more ‘authentic’. This is happening right now to these people, in these songs, and they are fantastic and they deserve to be fucking massive."

But what would I know.

Happy New Year


Adrian said...

Only picked up the full album when I was in Canada a couple of weeks ago. Very fucking good, though there seems to be a better version of one of the songs on the EP that Shills put out here.

Next year is already shaping up nicely for albums - the Organ, the Vibration, the Playwrights, Tortoise & BPB, Mad Juana...

Matt Dale said...

So what's your favorite comic of the year then?

Did you make it out to any good shops in LA or on the West Coast leg of the tour?

We still have the Box Office Poison follow-up in stock at the comic store in Chapel somehow survived the Christmas Eve onslaught today, unlike a bunch of fucking Wonder Woman magnets.

Next time you come through (as headliners, natch) you can come visit me:

Anybody wearing a Ghost Rider sweatshirt is me.

Anonymous said...

The two tracks on the EP that are not on the album are brilliant too. 'We've got to meet' is particularly fine. Yeah, looking forward to that Vibration record.

-Dude. Your Ghostrider t-shirt rules. I've read few comics this year; it's an expensive habit. Ennis' Punisher series continues to entertain though. I'm gonna get that BOP book. I've still got your piece of paper telling me what to read.

(Nick - not logged in)

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