Sunday, January 08, 2006


Thought for the day:

the White Stripes have ripped-off the Runic symbolism aesthetic from my website

See me after class.

Mood: In Arkansas, shooting empty cans of Pabst Blue Ribbon with an air rifle, cigars, protein

Listening to:

Neil Diamond - Twelve Songs
Electrelane - Axes
My Morning Jacket/Songs Ohia - split EP
Simon and Garfunkel boxed set
Johnny Cash - At Fulsom Prison

New Year's Resolution: stay in bed drinking Guinness and playing darts. Discard opinions, form no new ones.


ecce nicholas said...

Hey hey happy new year.

I'm enjoying 12 songs too - especially save me saturday night.

Anonymous said...

Hey happy new year Mister.

I always thought a decent producer would people take the Diamond Geezer seriously.

Rubin should make Richard Thompson get his shit together next.

Nick T

Anonymous said...

I'LL see you after class . . .

ghostbusta said...

Happy new year. Saw you perform in Munich. It's a shame there were so few people. It was great anyway. The venue (Ampere) sucks, though. I remember Low's Alan Sparhawk complaining that the band had "as much space up here as
you people have down there" and that after their set and before they played
encores there was "really nowhere to go", so they just huddled in a far corner of the stage and talked to each other, feeling obviously uncomfortable, before playing the encores. It was quite bizarre (for us and for the band, I think). Will you come back anyway? Maybe I can recommend you a better venue. Because, you know, there are better venues, even in Munich...

russell said...

hello, you're on Bohren Und Der Club of Gore's tracklist...

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