Monday, February 20, 2006


The Gravenhurst Multiple-Level Euro Mega Dance Party Sound Machine incorporating Anne Widdecombe's Black Indian Treacle-Mouthed Mock-Leather Caged Dancing Jesus Christ No Oh God No She's Written A Fucking Novel Now Burlesque Revue will be on tour until 12th March or something.

And in a move seemingly designed to piss me off, two of my favourite contemporary bands, The Organ and The Vibration, are once again playing the UK whilst I am away:

Perhaps someone can attend on my behalf and take copious notes so i can enjoy the shows vicariously.


ghostbusta said...

great show in Berlin yesterday! thx.

ghostbusta said...

did anyone of you listen to that new liars album yet? well, you should, it's one bad mother!

ghostbusta said...

i knew it. this blog is dead, dead, dead.