Thursday, June 01, 2006

an award ceremony where everyone wins a f***

Special post to draw attention the new Geisha album via their myspace site:

"Hello, you have made the wise choice of viewing the profile of the noise group Geisha, who live in Bristol. We began like many groups out of boredom and sheer hatred of what was around us, not to save music, but to destroy it through an ever inreasing number of FX units.

People often ask me what the words are about, I usually make things up, but if you must know, its mainly about people being eaten, the many different and varied ways one might have sex with another person and the mish-mash of a hundred Jess Franco movie plots."

Band MembersAnton Maiof - Voice, Guitar, Electronics / Steve James - Bass / Sean Talbot - Percussion
InfluencesGyorgy Ligeti, Iannis Xenakis and Parliment.
Sounds LikeAn award ceremony where everybody wins a fuck.

Mondo Dell'orrore LP (Blood Red Sounds / SuperFi Records / Crucial Blast (USA))

CDs are available RIGHT FUCKING NOW for sale via
and in the US of A at

And, for a sharp contrast, here is Belle & Sebastian performing their superb forthcoming single on Scottish TV:


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