Sunday, March 25, 2007

Greetings from the new bottom of the same lake

Here we are at our new blog address. Note the address bar- there you are. You can change your bookmarks accordingly. Good on you.

Our dedicated team of police divers have copied all the previous posts over to this new blog address. This means that if you want to read some old posts from this blog ("brimful of coruscating prose, wry asides, and many occurrences of the words 'fuck' and 'fucking'" - The Salisbury Review) you won't have to go to the old blog.

See you at the bottom of the lake.


Anonymous said...

They need to clean this lake I'm making it look untidy!


Anton Maiof said...

Now I need to change the link you fucking bastard. fuck fuck fuck fuck fucking.

Marion Cobretti Investigates: Case File 1 is almost done.

Anonymous said...


They used the Velvet Cell as background music on ITV during the Calzaghe fight last night. I was pleased to see one of my fave bands soundtracking my favourite bloodsport!

grimtooth said...

Fuck...that's fucking great.

Anonymous said...

Hei Gravenhurst!

Bought ticket to Astoria to see Explosions and was GREAT surprise to realise you are playing there as well!

I worked at Flow festival in Helsinki, Finland last summer and am the one who at least tryed to take care of your timetables etc:).

Looking forward to your gig this week in London.

Johanna Rajamäki

grimtooth said...

Dear Johanna,
if you're a hot chick im sure they will remember you and party all night long with you on top.

ps: bring whiskey and cocaine for everyone

thank you