Friday, April 27, 2007

Political Correctness Gone Right

Bristol City Council in correct decision shocker

This film is Shane Meadows's finest work to date. The notoriously inept Bristol City Council got it right; teenagers should see it, it's a powerful film, and cannily released on St. George's Day, it may coincide with a British National Party turnout in the local elections. Suffice to say it is unlikely BNP members will be off to their local art house cinema to see this. It is more important that their children see it.

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horace goes skiing said...

I agree, it's an excellent film for many reasons. Subtle characterisation, brill soundtrack (even with the odd anachronism :) ), great period texture, excellent performances and the political content - which could have been all too in yr face - is handled delicately but forcefully. In short, required viewing.