Thursday, October 04, 2007


I'm kind of 'on holiday' from blogging right now, trying to finish the third issue of Ultraskull (not work safe) and rehearsing for the upcoming tour. I have written an article about the state of live music in the UK; it will feature in the November issue of Plan B magazine.


Exercise 1 a

Read this excellent piece in Foreign Policy magazine.

"The 'War On Drugs' is immoral, absurd and fatally counter-productive, and major players on the world stage are finally daring to admit it." Discuss. (20 points)

For more on drug regulation strategies read the Transform FAQ.

Exercise 1 b

Study the image below. What is wrong with this image? (30 points)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Can I just answer that in a world without drugs we wouldn't have photos like that?

In fifty years time when you can buy McDrug Burgers at the local fast-food outlet, you'll have to get used to sights like that all the time. Not particularly because of any promotional circus figures hoping to give you an obesity problem but because you'll just want to dress up like a clown. A fucking clown. It'll be around about then that you think about trying to fight a war on drugs because, let's face it, only a clown would think that could work.