Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The thought police get all hard for justice


Here it comes.

Stash your Jess Franco movies Anton.

The bill proposing to ban
'extreme pornography' was overwhelmingly approved yesterday in the Commons.

I'll have to rip out those scenes of crimes photos from my books on Jack The Ripper. This legislation outlaws simulated images of consensual, legal acts; God knows what it will mean for real images of illegal ones.

Pictured: Armoured man homo-erotically grappling with a reptile, complete with phallic symbolism

The proposed legislation targets material depicting (i) bestiality, (ii) necrophilia, and (iii) serious violence.

Images will count as illegal if they are pornographic and real or realistic (if staged).

Those found guilty of possession will be charged and placed on the Sex Offender's Register.

Quick, excellent summary of the bullshit here:

Get thee to a herbary


Alexander said...

Let's say 100% of the police force in this country devoted 100% of their time and resources to enforcing this law alone for one year. Do you think they would even manage to process 1% of all cases it applies to?

Aside from this law being downright silly, it's unenforceable.

But what about when open paedophiles come forward to fight for freedom of sexual expression alongside their newly fallen comrades? It'd be a bit like an anti-war speaker becoming quietly aware of George Galloway stood behind him, chanting "yeah" at the end of every sentence. Change "anti-war" to "immigration reform" and "George Galloway" to "Nick Griffin" if it helps.

Alexander said...

This blog has gone silent for a little while now, so I'm going to make an observation, specifically that the title of this post (not the thought police but the second one) is totally Michael Moore to the max.

Nick Talbot said...

see next post..