Saturday, October 30, 2010

Gravenhurst news

As I haven't posted anything for ages, I thought I'd paste in the latest Gravenhurst mail out, thus contravening my self-imposed regulation of keeping this blog independent of my day job (not taking my work home with me). New song lyrics aside, the mail out is the most creative thing I've written for a while so what the hell. Here we go.

Greetings people of refined taste and discerning proclivities. And hello to the dull, the indifferent and the moronically incurious. And the horrifyingly pointless. All are welcome here.

I am roughly half way through the creation of the next Gravenhurst album. I will however be taking a break from writing and recording in November because Paul Smith of Maximo Park has a solo album coming out and he has invited me to perform as the main the support act on his tour of Europe and the UK, and naturally I said ‘Fuck yeah’. So here are the dates.

Thursday 4 November, HOLLAND - Amsterdam, Sugar Factory

Friday 12 November, ITALY - Milan, La Casa 139

Saturday 13 November, ITALY - Rome, Blackout

Sunday 14 November, ITALY - Mirano (VE), Moon Club

Tuesday 16 November, SWITZERLAND - Luzern, Bar 59

Wednesday 17 November, SWITZERLAND - Fribourg, Café de la Fonderie

Friday 19 November, SWITZERLAND - Zurich, Plaza

Saturday 20 November, FRANCE - Paris, Fleche d'Or

Sunday 21 November, BELGIUM - Brussels, Botanique/Rotonde

Tuesday 23 November, UK - Southampton, Joiners

Wednesday 24 November, UK - Oxford, Jericho

Friday 26 November, UK - Nottingham, Bodega

Saturday 27 November, UK - Leeds, Brudenell

Sunday 28 November, UK - Birmingham, Glee Club

Monday 29 November, UK - Bristol, Thekla

Wednesday 1 December, UK - London, Bush Hall SOLD OUT

Thursday 2 December, UK - Manchester, Deaf Institute. SOLD OUT

Friday 3 December, UK - Glasgow, Classic Grand

Saturday 4 December, UK - Newcastle, Sage 2

I will be playing at least four new songs and several old ones, switching between electric and acoustic guitars as quickly as possible and trying to avoid wasting time repeatedly tuning up. I will as ever be accompanied by a number of drone-making electronic devices. I am assured by a reliable source that the Deaf Institute in Manchester is haunted and that three-part harmonies may be provided spontaneously by the resident revenants who are doomed to wander the eternal limbo between the realms of the living and the dead, unable to rest in peace until they find that fucking stereo mini jack to quarter inch patch lead that some cunt from the support band accidentally-on-purpose wandered off with after a gig that ended in disaster when part of the building collapsed, trapping the group of singers back stage for three days over the course of which they were driven insane by a monumentally pedantic sound engineer. By the time rescue workers reached them they had smeared the walls with their excrement and eaten their own eyes before finally strangling themselves to death with XLR cables. The sound engineer was found unharmed, lucid, and fervently espousing his position on the problem of phase cancellation in applications involving multiple microphone placements.

Hope to see you there.



vinciane said...

i was hoping to have a beer with you when i am in bristol... how funny, you'll be in paris on that exact same day.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely, very, uber, jolly good news about a new Gravenhurst album.
I've been lying awake at night, wondering how to fill the amazing-music-shaped hole in my life!
Still can't find 'Internal Travels' though... Any news, Nick?
Mik Smith:)=
(a post-Halloween smiley wiv fangs)

Microprosopus said...

Yes - haunted by you - you are the ghost. Remember how they used that same embalming fluid on you that they used on those victorian animals in the museum? You know, the ones with the rotting paws and hooves. If you make a certain droning sound for long enough, they'll all come back to life... Because of the the embalming fluid. They'll headbutt their way through their glass cases and escape into the night. They won't be able to see because of their glass eyes but they'll still be able to smell. They will be very hungry because their torsos are full of ancient sawdust. They will be able to bite but they won't be able to swallow. You will come to life too but your lips will be sewn up and it will be dark. You will be able to feel the satin lining of your coffin but you won't be strong enough to break out. You will feel guilty. All you will be able to do is make up those creepy little songs in your head.