Thursday, January 06, 2011


A Core Foundation of my New Year’s Resolution Superstratum is (for internal administrative reference purposes: NYR2011SS-CF12pp12/nf_inf.x1.3)

[:] maintain optimal bio-rhythmic routine

Another is (for internal administrative reference purposes: NYR2011SS-CF12pp12/nf_inf.x1.4)

[:] maintain optimal creative routine(s) and subroutine(s)

A full explication of the issue is beyond the scope of this post but the essential worry is that the two objectives may be at odds. If so, then hopefully only contingently and not necessarily so, and nothing that can’t be smoothed out over the course of this week. (Though strictly I suppose I have a year, don’t I? Again, beyond the scope of this post...). In essence, I want to be awake at the same time as other people and I want to have a way of broadly measuring my work effort to attainment ratios. Though I’ve always been a night-owl it isn’t good for me, and doing something creative for a living can make it hard to know when one has achieved enough for it to feel ok to stop and do something entirely passive instead. But then, I do various creative things purely for my own entertainment, such as Ultraskull and most blog posts. And I tell myself that I want to do them more frequently, thereby setting myself up to fail to meet self-imposed standards of recreation. Dammit man, pull yourself together! The issue facing me right now is that I intended to get to sleep by two and get working by ten, but now it is six in the morning and I am laughing at a list of silly book titles I have written. The plan went wobbly around two when the film I was watching went on until three. Pretty basic planning issue there (note to self - see NYR2011SS-CF12pp12/nf_inf.x1abs.time – cf. “Time-keeping”). The film, 'Hallam Foe' was enjoyably moody and did nothing to aid my winding down for the night. And then... I felt my modish poise uncoil to the slutty scent of carelessly shaved pencils, bookish-priapic, all smeared ink and dirty erasers, the coquettish discipline of medium-priority administrative procedure... and before I knew it I had recommenced cataloguing titles for the Art, Photography and Slavic Youth Cinema section of the Ultraskull Mobile Lending Library. Oh God... It's half-past eight... how did we get to here? We have to stop doing this... we both know it's wrong... so wrong... we're so... bad... oh...

Kendal, Kimpy Transgressive Yoke: The Works Of Frami Rallentando (Taschen 1998)

Kipper, Kimpy Rheiner Knizia And The Lone Flame Steeplechase (Dover Editions 2002)

Kotterel, Jethpa Darius Tschevchenko's Arc-Weld Timepiece (Diode Club 19¬¬) * LARGE PRINT

Loperamide, J.K. (Ed.) The Best Of Ian Brady (Void 2007) * AUDIOBOOK AVAILABLE

Jackson, Steve & Livingstone, Ian The Warlock Of Firetop Mountain (Penguin, 1982)

Beegees, C.B.
Stupid, Stupid, Stupid: Carlos Blessing's Nine Lives in Print (Taschen 1986)

Kermode, M.
Living Loose With Lucio - Ian McCulloch's Italian Cinema Career (Shox 2002)

Strategy 5
The Strategy 5 Manifesto (Strategy 2005)

Dogcollared-Greens, Delia
Intention, Pretension Or Purely Convention? How to Choose an Effective Title For Your Non-Fiction Book - A Multi-Titular Approach - Plus! Not Forgetting... ...the Use Of Dots!* *And Be Sure To Get An Asterisk In There For Added Inanity - //NEW EDITION! Fully Revised And Updated To Accommodate It's Own Claims! (Keep Going -Ed. 2009)

Cancer, Nancy
Please Daddy, No! Etcetera: Dispatches From The Bravely-Overcame-Shame-For- Financial-Gain-And-Talk-Show-Fame-Gravy-Train (Cake & Eat 2003)



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Thought For The Day: "Particularly when it comes to formatting, Blogger is fucking shit."


Adam Burrows said...

You’re not alone. Apparently, one in five bloggers over 30 suffers from some variety of formatting dysfunction. Last night my font kept going ALL BIG and then all small again. After punching the wall a few times, I turned my back to the keyboard and cried myself to sleep.

zsuzsa pavelka said...

You PROMISED me this:

zsuzsa pavelka said...

oh my god, nightmare! the sweeter (your) choice was the right one!