Friday, January 14, 2011

Rest in peace dear Trish, we'll miss you


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, I've no knowledge at all of this singer but she has a beautiful voice and it is a lovely tune.
If you get a chance Nick, please send me her full name so I can look her up.
Thanks for sharing this; really enjoyed it.

Lullabier said...

Hi Nick. Excuse me if I'm writing here, but I don't know how to reach you. I'm a great Gravenhurst fan, and I'd like to ask your authorization to cover "Fog round the figurehead" translating in Italian your lyrics. I've already done this kind of stuff with songs by Rivulets, Coastal, Remora and Aarktica. No money will be make! I play under the moniker of Lullabier.
My best,

Nick Talbot said...

Hi there Andrea
You are very welcome to cover my songs. I'm intrigued to hear what they sound like with Italian lyrics!
I assume you will be recording the songs rather than just playing it live. Will you be putting it on Myspace?

Best of luck

Lullabier said...

One year ago I've made a little EP with translated covers of songs about Alcohol. I'd like to do a sequel with songs about a leaving. Of course I'll notify you the result when things will get done! Meanwhile, you could listen to what I play on myspace (

Thanks for your music. Hope to see you soon in Italy!

Séb Mercier said...

Hi there,

My girlfriend told me yesterday that she might interview you next week, so I thought I'd check if you had released anything new recently (not that I want to put any pressure on you :-)). Anyway, browsing your website, I found your blog and thought it could be an opportunity to tell you how much I love your music and enjoyed the two shows of yours I've been to (first in Lausanne in 2007; second in Paris in 2010).

But the second reason why I'm writing this message is to thank you for making me discover (a bit too late, sadly) this beautiful song by Broadcast, a band whom I've never heard of before, unfortunately. I'll immediately check what they've done.

Looking forward to listen to your next album or to see you live soon (I might not be able to be in Paris on April 20, but if you come back to Switzerland sometime, I'll sure try to be there).