Monday, March 14, 2005

stop touching my face

Music: 'Stop Touching My Cat - A Collection of Remixes and Cover Versions of Songs by SJ Esau' - S J Esau, Mole Harness, Why?, Twocsinak, Freeze Puppy, Bedridden Kids, Id lab, Bronnt Industries Kapital, Audio Whore, My Ambulance Is On Fire, Countryside Alliance, Rarg, The Gonorrorhoeas, Wafffffffles + SJ Esau + Arwin + Sung + Delphine + Pato + Assis + James + Pippin, Dady Cool Cool Chappel Face.

Mood: none

Recently the following things happened.

* Bronnt Industries Kapital played in Amsterdam with Knowledge of Bugs and Tunng and Mica P. Hinson.

* Gravenhurst played in Bristol with Male and in London at the Camden Crawl.

* I updated the Bronnt and Gravenhurst sites, a bit.

* I bought a pedalboard.

* Part of my hand turned into glass


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Nick, you cunt answer your emails!! Its Caspar, the lanky fuck you used to philosophy with. We jammed couple of times too. Sent you an email to - maybe you never got it. Anyways just wanted to say congratulations on signing to Warp. What next?

I'm living with Tom (plays bass, got a first, beard, black hair, reggae etc) in Crackney. Doing the law converstion course but I'm not sure how much longer I can take it. Aspiring to write music like how Thomas Crumb writes cartoons.

Hope all's well.