Friday, September 29, 2006

and they catch him, and they say he's mental

I am making an album. I am enjoying making an album. But I ask myself, will it really belong on a record store shelf alongside Loveless? Seventeen Seconds? Strangeways Here We Come? Vauxhall and I? Copper Blue? Playing With Fire? Liege and Lief? If this record gets lost in a record store and wanders into the ranks of the above, won't it get it's coat and quietly shuffle out? When you make a record you have to ignore this worry. You leave it up to the journalists. Then you disagree with them on principle. How strange. There's an essay in there somewhere. If you want to hear more, I'll be in the bar with my head on the bar.

It might be worth spending a tenner on. The artwork will be nice. It won't be as good as this though:


Anonymous said...

I have heard your music and like very much. I have heard of the record label you are on.
I have never heard of any of these people you mention. Now get your head of the bar and stand tall; roar outrageously with scary laughter after telling a witty joke and be The King of the bar.
I think you could do a lovely Joyce pastiche for the next album, too. Wig-tastic!

sheila franklin said...

most record stores are stocked with far more shit than classic life changers. your record very well might catch a glimpse of its neighbors and get all puffed up and proud.

found you guys on myspace. good stuff. come play san francisco soon.