Sunday, September 24, 2006

I will not change and I will not be nice

You're just so busy busy busy busy . Take a break and test your knowledge with the random Smiths lyric generator. It's brash, it's outrageous and it's free. Unfortunately it doesn't include any of Morrissey's solo work. I was hoping it would generate 'new' material based on a pool of idiosyncratic words and structures, like this Guided By Voices song title generator. Generating Guided By Voices-style material presents a far lesser challenge as Robert Pollard's lyrics are meaningless. The closest we can get to a Morrissey lyric generator is the famous Alanis Morrissette lyric generator.

For the truly lost, here is the apathetic online journal entry generator

A random Gravenhurst lyric generator would be most welcome. It would make my life a lot simpler.


ghostbusta said...

we are still waiting for that ep you promised 5 years ago. first it was spring, then summer and now it's autumn and still no ep. stop playing festivals and finally release that damn ep. do it or i will release one myself.

Nick Talbot said...

Sorry about that. The EP is dead in the water. The musical content has been eaten by the new album. We'll release something before the album, probably a single. That's plenty of time for you to program the lyric generator for me.