Sunday, January 02, 2005

Annus Crappus

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Please take some time out to check this link:

This is an interesting site detailing dodgy sectarian groups posing as charities:


So 2004 was a pretty good year for me, and a bloody awful one for pretty much all of the world, with a real kicker right at the end there.

Not that most of the 'Christian' Right could care, they are too busy campaigning for 'family values'.

Here are some major Evangelical 'Christian' Right organisations, who at time of writing haven't bothered to feature the tsunami disaster on their websites:

I'm surprised that I'm still surprised by these people. How do we tolerate intolerance? I want to cry.


This cheered me up though:

I've just finished
The Adventures of Luther Arkwright by Brian Talbot. I highly recommend it.

On New Year's Eve I chose to go to the supermarket. Unfortunately the world and his wife had the same idea. It was a distilled form of hell. I only coped because I had my new mp3 player programmed with a randomly rotating mix of Kate Bush, The Lemonheads, Pet Shop Boys and Whitehouse.

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