Sunday, January 16, 2005

Let's Talk About the Lake

Mood: Ultra Skull
Music: Interpol - A Time to be Small

Eurosonic was good. My show was okay but I wish I'd had the band with me. It seemed to go down well though. Shame I didn’t have my head screwed on and taken all my merch because Aberfeldy who played after me cleaned up; they sold loads of albums and t-shirts. They were good fun; twee indie pop with immaculately arranged songs. It’s not everyday you meet your exact opposite. I forwent my lift to the hotel to stick around with them and get fucked up. So we all went back in the van together, listening to Tago Mago at full blast.

They had already checked in and went to their rooms whilst I made my way to the reception. This was at 4am, it was freezing cold and the air was saturated in face-level lowlands fog. At this point it became horrifyingly apparent that I wasn’t booked into that hotel; mine was on the other side of town, about 15 miles away. Bad. Very Bad indeed. Fortunately I managed to get through to the festival organiser who arranged for someone to come and get me. In the meantime I had to say goodbye to the guys, but I couldn’t get into the hotel building as I didn’t have a card… because I wasn’t booked into that hotel. So, pissed and stoned, I wandered around the perimeter listening in at windows, trying to hear drunk Scottish people. I think I disturbed some families who thought they had rumbled a duffel coated pervert trying to spy on them. I eventually found their room only because they hadn’t pulled the curtain properly, alerted their attention and explained everything to them. Had I not been so hammered I would have been panicking. So I got taken to the other hotel by an enormously gracious transport manager and got four hours sleep before I was picked up and taken to the station. I had to bin 3 grams of White Widow before boarding the plane, which was an emotional moment.


moss said...

Damn.. hard to come by that white widow too! Gravenhurst totally rocks by the way.

Kael said...

Hey nick,

your posts are so fun to read. keep 'em coming. Hey would you check this label when you get a chance? I record under the name sun, cancelled. maybe we could do something together sometime. talk to you later.


Anonymous said...

sorry, haven't got round to making an account yet. i will though as i love your diary and i often feel inspired to comment on your experiences.

the whole meat obsession intrigues me greatly! have you checked out
looks like the worst book in the world to me.

Peter said...

Hi Nick,

I loved the Eurosonic-show!
I already got your albums and i want to thank you for signing Black Holes In The Sand at the Eurosonic gig. I told 2 friends of me to come with me to see your show and they loved it. A week ago one of them even bought the Flashlight Seasons album. I have influence ;-)

here's a picture that a friend took at the concert!
I hope you like it and i hope you'll be coming back to Holland soon (with the band! ;-))

greetz Peter