Thursday, January 20, 2005

Old Gods

Mood: Shaving the dead
Music: Geisha - new album demos

On the subject of delusion, last night I took a new drug, called Kratom. It has a physical, opiate-like euphoria, rather like codeine. It also gives you the power of flight, but it doesn't work if you try to take off from the ground; you have to hurl yourself off the top of a building, and you have to have FAITH. As I can already fly, I sat in darkness listening to Aphex Twin's Collected Ambient Works Volume II. I'm sure it will be made illegal soon.

Today I listened to Shed Seven and cleaned the bathroom.


Anonymous said...

Hi Nick,
don't worry, this is not a reaction concerning your use of drugs or alcohol in any way, but i just didn't know another way to contact you>>
i'm a 26-year-old guy from amsterdam and i make electro-acoustic "pop" music. I really like to work with vocalists (i've already worked with the singer of WIllard Grant Conspiracy and This Beautiful Mess a.o.)
The thing is, i have this new track which i think would be really suitable for you to sing on. if you're interested, please mail me and i'll send you the track!
my address is and my website is
Love your work,

Anonymous said...

I'm intrigued by Kratom. But I wouldn't take it otherwise I think I would try to jump off a tall building

I'm from Oxford. I recently went on holiday to Canada. As I travelled from Victoria to Vancouver on the coach I had The Diver on loop on my ipod. Every time I finished it I just put it back to the start. It is by far THE most beautiful haunting song I have ever heard. It really matched the stunning scenery rushing past the window. I almost find the song too painful to listen to now.

So, just wanted to say hi. I was told by a friend you played The Spitz in London 6 months ago and it was the best gig he'd ever been to. I really hope to catch you live one day


Nick Talbot said...