Thursday, January 27, 2005

shrinkwrapped limbs

Mood: Moody
Music: Midnight Movies

Heard 'Just to Play' by this band Midnight Movies

Superb. Velvets, Joy Division, Nico. Album out in UK end of January.


Album mastered. Sleep now. Bye.


Adrian said...

I can't listen to any of their stuff (knackered set up on my computer at work), but just having read the reviews & interviews that are linked on Midnight Movies' site, I'm sold.

ecce nicholas said...

i like those tracks a lot, but i can't get out of my head the fact that she sounds a little like Sonya from Echobelly.

Nick Talbot said...

Lisher, you have shit in your ears. She sounds like Nico.

Anonymous said...

She sounds like the singer from Stereolab


Nick Talbot said...

Okay; i'll give you Stereolab but she sounds more like Nico than anyone ele. I like it a lot.

ecce nicholas said...

it's echobelly woman all over.

they are good though.